Stop and think

I don’t really know too much about the laws and the government and blah blah. I see on social media that they want to allow teachers in schools to carry guns. Am I the only person with a brain here? Yes I get it that the guns aren’t the problem and the people are.. So why the fuck would you want to have more people carrying guns inside a school? Are you even going to test them? Have them do any sort of exam? Or you’re just going to allow them a license to carry bc it would be safer? That is so dumb. What if a teacher loses their mind one day and pulls out a gun to threaten a class? I bet we would hear about that one day if this law passes. Why would you put guns somewhere we wouldn’t want it in the first place? What we need are the right precautions. People just walk into schools with guns and no one notices, what makes you think these kids or teachers or any attackers won’t get ahold of a gun that we have allowed ceartain people to carry in our schools? Am I making any sense here? We need to set the laws straight and take more precaution. If we didn’t have guns we wouldn’t have as big as a problem. But since this problems is so big and is now faulted on people with mental issues we have to do more and take bigger steps to make sure this gun violence rate has gone down. We let it get this far now we have to fix it. We are a united nation and we stick together and I hope things start to change and by doing that I’m putting my voice out there bc this is something I usually don’t do. Stop and think.


Valuable Time

I don’t think it matters how long you’ve been talking to someone or how long you’ve known them. If you like someone the first day, second or third its not going to change. What I don’t understand is why people invite you in just to kick you out? An explanation would be needed to explain why they already have a significant other… Or two. People like me, who wear their heart on their sleeve, been through hell and back. I’ve literally lost all hope in humanity. Its not only males that do it, its females too. Why would you cheat, lie, disrespect or belittle someone. What did they do to you that you have to hurt them. Thats what I always thought about when I would cry and cry in the tub when it happened to me. I recently was talking to someone and they would accuse me of doing unfaithful things and I would always ask why do you do this to me? They would still accuse me, and just be mad all the time. I finally realized towards the end they accuse me bc they are doing it. Come to find out I was right. It hurts but I now know that in order for me to learn I have to be broken, that’s the only way I can put myself back together. It seems like such wasted time but that’s the most valuable time you will ever experience.